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Fantasy maps and illustration inspired by The Silmarillion.

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Defenders of Gondolin

Defenders of Gondolin in rusty hues
Defenders of Gondolin in rusty hues:: Enlarge ::

The Fall of Gondolin / The Silmarillion: Tuor, Ecthelion & Glorfindel (Photoshop, 2022)
Illustration with 2 ideas for Glorfindel's armor "damascened with cunning gold": plate cuirass and scales:

Defenders of Gondolin
Defenders of Gondolin, plate cuirass variant :: Enlarge ::

Defenders of Gondolin
The scale armor variant, done for "Aiglos" #25 :: Enlarge ::


Defenders of Gondolin
Glorfindel, Tuor & Ecthelion armor color test.

Glorfindel of the Golden Flower

Glorfindel wore a green mantle embroidered in threads of gold and armor damascened with gold.

Ecthelion of the Fountain

Ecthelion was clad in armor overlaid with silver and had a shining helmet adorned with a spike of steel pointed with a diamond and a shield shimmering with a studs of crystal.

Tuor of the Wing

Tuor wore armor overlaid with silver and had helmet adorned with two swan-wings built of metal and jewels. A white swan’s wing on blue field, his houses device, was wrought on his shield. Instead of a sword he prefered to wield a great battle axe named Dramborleg.

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