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Nordic Goddess Hel
Nordic Goddess Hel, Painter 2009

On the way to Thangorodrim (The Silmarillion) Gil-galad as King of Diamonds (The Silmarillion)
Father and son - Fingon and Gil-galad, inspired by The Silmarillion. Painter & Photoshop 2016, 2015.

Gil-galad as Son of Fingon (The Silmarillion)
Gil-galad as Son of Orodreth (The History of Middle-earth vol. XII)
"Scion of Kings" - Gil-galad as the son of Fingon after The Silmarillion and the son of Orodreth after The History of Middle-earth vol. XII. This is illustration to a polemics on his parentage in the 20th jubilee issue of the Polish almanac "Aiglos". Heraldry in the back represents the fathers, while the emblem on the shield is Gil-galad's own. Gil-galad's epessë Ereinion means "Scion of Kings" - thus the title - he is is literally a scion of kings by the unsolved parentage question and by the given honorific title. Painter & Photoshop 2015

Inktober Shadows

Inktober 2016 - traditional ink: "Shadows" (retouched digitally) and "Knight".
Inktober Knight

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