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Cosmic Dreams

“Dreams” themed works for 2018 Original Illustration Exhibition
Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award in Shanghai, China.

Reach for the Stars Tree of Dreams Astronaut

Children  and the Tree

The tree scenes represent dreams, wishes and hope. The “Reach for the Stars” is about hope - don't lose hope, never give up your dreams. “An Astronaut, My Childhood Dream” is my own childhood dream, symbolically becoming true through this illustration. The “Tree of Dreams” represents dreams, wishes and hopes. Children heroes from the two other illustrations are visible among stars on the opposite sides of the tree, going through time and space towards it to reach their dreams.


Prints on demand are available in my Redbubble shop. For brighter colors choose the metallic photo prints, other options might give darker, less saturated look.

Reach for the Stars Tree of Dreams Astronaut Astronaut 2