Losgar, a project based on the description of events in Losgar from the History of Middle Earth vol. XII.

The third test of Losgar animation. Full screen recommended.
Test #1 and #2 are are also online.
Losgar animation test - Nelyo Losgar animation test - Drengist Losgar animation test - Nelyo Losgar animation test - Fëanor Losgar comics test page Losgar comics test page
Story notes: "Atar" means "father" in Quenya, "Atarinkë" is Curufin's "mother name" given in Quenya.
The confused guys after credits are my sketchy Caranthir and Celegorm 2009, slightly touched up Feb 1st 2012.
Animation done manually in Painter 9.5 in January 2009 (test #1 & #2), re-edited with video editing software in December 2009.
Music: "Arctic Fog" and "Cold Summer Landscape" by Blear Moon blearmoon.com (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0, via Vimeo Music Store).

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